September Newsletter

Warmest Greetings 
As we move into September, grateful for the beauty of August, fire energy, sunshine, warmth, blue skies and the welcome rain.The sun begins to sink lower in the sky and the colours of nature begin to change as we move towards the Autumn Equinox (23rd) also known as Mabon. Things are slowing down, August is a busy time in Devon! The leaves will begin changing colours and trees shedding what they no longer need. A beautiful time for you to reset and honor yourself and let go of what no longer serves you.
September Dates5th Lunchtime Lie Down Sound Meditation for Relaxation 1pm Harbour House, Kingsbridge An invitation to connect with deep stillness and simply be, using different world instruments known for their frequency and vibrational qualities to lead you on a sound journey to a place of relaxation. £10 

6th Heartfulness Yoga & Sound Collaboration ~We invite you to join Heartfulness Yoga and Sound for our Yin Yoga Sound Experience. West Charleton 
An evening of blissful Yin Yoga and live Sound Journey / Gong Bath, the perfect way to relax and unwind. All abilities welcome £15 . 

 7th Private session Chota Yoga Plant Bass’d Family Retreat High Nature.  Looking forward to sharing a Sound Journey for this vibrant retreat.

 8th Heartfulness Yoga & Sound Collaboration ~ Join us monthly at the beautiful Village Hall in Sherford, For our ‘Yoga Flow Sound Journey’ to a place of stillness and calm.The perfect session to release and restore a tired body and busy mind. 
Slow gentle yoga flow, meditation and relaxing live sound journey / gong bath £15 

10th Modbury Therapy Centre launch showcasing 5 gorgeous rooms for hire plus yoga barn nestled in beautiful garden space. 1pm drop in free taster Sound Journey in the Yoga Barn. Live music (not me! a wonderful Jazz band)and bbq 2-6pm. Should be a lovely afternoon- contact [email protected] for details 
18th 10am – 12 Women’s Circle &Sound Meditation By the Lake at Creacombe Farm Yealmpton, to celebrate the Autumn Equinox.Let’s hope the weather is kind, although the barn at Creacombe is beautiful too.  So looking forward to collaborating with lovely Katie Carswell wellbeing & mindfulness, to offer a special session as we move from Summer to Autumn. Spending time immersed in nature, soothed by sound, a moment to pause and centre as we move into the next chapter of the year. 

18th Sound Journey / Gong Bath for Relaxation 7.30pm Aveton Gifford Adult Sound Journey Using a variety of beautiful global instruments including Hangs, Drums, Gongs and Singing bowls I will Immerse you in beautiful sounds and vibrations to help ease your body, mind and spirit leading to a place of stillness, deep relaxation and rest. £10 

20th Flying Fish Charity Barnstable – Sound exploration.  Such a privilege to be asked to return to this fab charity. Through the use of art as therapy their aim is to enhance and promote the mental health of people in the Devon area, and specifically support the resilience and recovery of those experiencing mental ill health.  
23rd Following our Summer Solstice Retreat, Heartfulness Yoga & Sounds Collaboration are pleased to offer our Autumn Equinox Mini Retreat, returning to the tranquil Folly West Charleton. Leave the world behind for a few hours of Blissful Relaxation, Yoga, Sounds, Nurture, Nature and Heart-felt Connection, Lunch,herbal tea & treats. (limited Spaces) £75  

24th So enjoy sharing Sound Journeys at the beautiful Angel Hall Totnes, Retreat Day For lovely Gemma Wholly Yoga – Retreat Info & 

 25th Thrilled to be joining lovely Natalie Yoga Field & Sea, to offer a Sound Journey / Gong Bath for their Retreat, Info & booking [email protected] 

30th Sounds by the Sea ~ Start Bay Studio, Torcross, monthly, last Friday, thrilled to offer my sound journey / gong bath, for relaxation, at this new beautiful yoga studio by the beach  (The Old Post Office) £15 Please do get in touch for future information or to book any sessions.
Beautiful Full Moon Gong Bath Ali Asana StudioSounds by the Sea monthly at Slapton Bay Studio Torcross 
PLEASE NOTE -I strive to be as inclusive as possible, however, gong baths are not advised for – first trimester of pregnancy – severe mental health issue – epilepsy -pacemaker
To honour everyone who attends and to give something back to our beautiful earth, I started this year to plant trees, through Ecologi.  So thrilled that my ‘SoundForest’ is growing, 83 more added this August , a total of 1,192 now planted x
May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away your worries, may the breeze blow new strength into your being, may you walk gently through the world and know it’s beauty all the days of your life. APACHE BLESSING So as we move from August into September “let what comes, come, let what goes, go, falling into stillness just as the leaves fall from the trees”. Warmest Wishes
Helen x